The Benefits of Music during
Cycles of Death and Transformation.

Music has proven to be a very powerful therapeutic agent during the seasons of Death and Transformation. During natural death, the right type(s) of Music instills a level of tranquility and security and even spiritual regeneration in the individual that enables her to feel the heaviness of the body being lifted from the spirit and psyche, enabling her/him to feel strong, even powerful and emergent rather than weak and imprisoned in circumstances beyond their control. Chant is a form of music that has proven to be therapeutically successful in this respect for millenia. When chant is used in this manner, natural death becomes a transcendent experience rather than one which is laden with fear, anger and regret. Not only does chant have such a beneficial effect for those who are undergoing natural death, it has a similar effect on persons undergoing Transformation of all sorts, (including depression and other life limiting conditions).

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For your benefit, we present; SanctuAria: Prelude. A cappella meditations on the Presence of the Divine Spirit in the lives of people from many cultures around the world who are experiencing deep transformation cycles or who are at or nearing the end of their natural death cycle. Most of the chants on SanctuAria: Prelude are "Gregorianesque" (like Gregorian chants), into which are blended diverse ethnic and cultural flavors. The language of the chants is an "utterance of the Spirit" that transcends etymological boundaries to communicate empathy, solace, inspiration and Peace. The vocal range spans from mezzo soprano to baritone; (most of these came through in the tenor and contralto ranges). These chants are designed to be used for

  • providing spiritual and psychic relief and rejuvenation to alleviate the intensity of degenerating physical processes during the deep transformations of natural death,
  • facilitating inner healing and rebirth (for persons who are experiencing Death and Transformation of all types),
  • general meditation and stress relief, (e.g. during the long commute to or from work) and
  • enriching one's personal contemplation of and relationship with the Divine Spirit, the Dark Mother, elevating the psyche and spirit beyond the challenges of transiting seasons with Death.
They are also pleasant to hear as general background music.

We invite you to hear these chants now for your well being and your meditative and listening pleasure.

A Very Important Note:
Music thanatology is a formal term describing the therapeutic use of music to assist the dying. It is a clinical process involving a prescriptive use of chant for the purpose of alleviating the spiritual[, psychic] and physical pain of the natural death process. The chants provided by DarkMother.com have been expressed specifically to accomodate the needs of the dying (similar to the ministry of certified music thanatology) and they are certainly effective in that respect, however, they are not produced in a clinical environment nor are they prescriptive; they cannot fully substitute for the active participation of a clinically trained music thanatologist. Definitively, The Chalice of Repose is the best organization to contact regarding this practice and for securing the attendance of a certified music thanatologist; if you are desirous of this attendance, please contact them.

Blessed be your transformation.