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ll music (composition, development, inst
rumentation, vocals, and production) by
Art of Pop; except Immortal Dream.
Immortal Dream is a collaboration of Seth Hartman, (lyricist) Shy Hart, and AoP. Produced by Seth Hartman. Vocals: Alyras & Seth.

Ilúvamil is a collaboration of author Rodger Ashton-Smith, and Art of Pop. 

Artist's Note--(Especially to my Fellow Americans!):

Honoring someone by pronouncing her, or his name correctly--as he, or she pronounces it--is the first action toward becoming intimately present with someone.
Not doing so is a sure intimacy killer. In fact, not doing so, especially after repeated correction, is tantamount to verbal abuse.

(That being communicated), I Am called by either my first name, or my middle name, {i.e.  either "Michaele", or "Alyras"}, depending on the context of the relationship. Without exaggeration, after clearly, and articulately introducing myself, (in no less that 80ish% of my interactions with my fellow Americans, and, relative to my first name, in those with people from Latin America), the name by which I am called is articulately, if not quasi-poetically mispronounced. (Therefore, with exceeding exasperation, and hopeful humility, I must ask), if you are unsure how to pronounce either name, then please listen to hear how I pronounce my names, [consider my side comments], and, thereafter, always pronounce them correctly--or, just call me "beautiful", "gorgeous", "stunning", "marvelous", "fantastic", "incredible", "delicious"... (lol)... anything more pleasant to me than my mispronounced name. :-) 

Thank you!
                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Alyras
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dec. 7, 2016 


Using a hard "k" sound for the "ch", or saying "Michelle" is perfectly fine. ;-)

(Remember, the "s" is silent.)

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